Abundant Beauty introduces:

The Makeup to Mindset Makeover:

In the journey of this digital course, you’ll go from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by all of the anti-aging noise in the beauty and wellness industries, to feeling confident, knowledgeable and clear on how to reset and elevate your daily beauty and lifestyle routines so that you can start living your most vibrant and joyful life, right now!

A Four-Pillar Digital Course for Women Over 40 That Takes You From Overwhelm to Ease in Both Your Outer Radiance and Inner Harmony


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This program offers a digital self-study course, as well as access to monthly live group coaching calls. This program will provide you with a balanced approach to your lifestyle and wellness, exploring the best choices you can make on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to elevate your radiance and embrace your natural beauty with ease and clarity.

Before I tell you all about this life-enhancing program, let’s chat about who this is really for…

You are a woman over 40 who is ready to renew and reset how you look and feel each day. You are ready to stop wasting money on products that you don’t use, and reduce the overwhelm and complication from so many beauty and lifestyle choices. You want to stop feeling confused and start feeling empowered about what really will make a difference so that you can be living your most vibrant life, right now. This isn’t about your self-esteem, but it is about looking and feeling like the best version of you. You are ready for a journey into elevating your daily life with practices that enhance your state of confidence and joy. 

If you are:

A stay at home mom who is ready to prioritize herself and feel energetic and beautiful again

A working woman who doesn’t have time to keep up with what is new, effective, and impactful but wants to learn techniques to help you show up at work and home looking and feeling your best

An empty nester who is ready to take some time for yourself and is ready to look and feel like that youthful version of you that resonates in your mind

You are in the right place. I’m going to share exactly how The Makeup to Mindset Makeover will give you the tools, inspiration, and support on your path to creating and maintaining daily routines that empower you to show up as this best version of you.

By the end of this program, you will feel more positive, confident, radiant, and abundant!

Client love from some “Makeup To Mindset Makeover” alums:

“I feel so much more informed after taking this course. Once I turned 50, I knew that it was time to make some adjustments in skincare, makeup, and just generally taking care of myself. But I hadn’t taken the time to figure out what those changes should actually be. This course was super helpful and I have so much more clarity and confidence about what the best things are that I can be doing. If you are like me, and you haven’t really changed your routines much in the past decade (or two!), you’ll be thrilled with all that Kristin teaches!”

- M.R.

“I didn't know I would love this program as much as I did. Kristin's expertise and passion for skin care and pretty makeup is absolutely contagious and engaging - I learned things from her that blew my mind! And tying it all together with lifestyle and mindset was so impactful for me. This program is fun, its centering, its self care at its finest. You may not realize you need this - but you DO!”

- Karen S.

“While I was interested in the makeup and skincare lessons, I was most intrigued by the mindset piece. Middle age is not for the faint of heart! The foundations and tools that Kristin teaches on gratitude, mindfulness, and meditation are the true stars of this course - and of aging gracefully. Combining that will all of the other topics of this course really set me up to let my true beauty shine through”

- C.M.

“I was excited to take this course, but I loved it even more than I thought I would. I highly recommend this course for all women that are looking for an informative, uplifting program that addresses all things that women over 40 need to know. From skin care regimens to makeup application to nutritional guidance and the importance of mindset, you learn it all. The best part was Kristin’s infectious enthusiasm and love of all things beauty! I am so glad that I made the investment in myself and took part in this program.”

 - Tiffany

Join a collective of women to empower you to thrive

Are you confused by all of the beauty choices out there?

Are you intrigued by clean and natural beauty choices, but don’t know where to start?

Have you been wondering if it's time to make some changes in your daily routines?

Are you overwhelmed by all of the different styles of “healthy eating” and need guidance?

Do you think that you aren’t good at mediation, but wish you were?

Do you wish that you felt more grateful for where you are?

It's time to feel more radiant & vibrant, both inside & out!

The program is Designed to help you,

Be empowered to create change with your mindful lifestyle choices

Embrace the best version of you

Start each day with gratitude and grace

Reduce your stress and gain more balance, full of positive energy

Be confident and joyful, ready to let your light shine

Connect with a community of women on the same journey

When you enroll in the Makeup to Mindset Makeover, you’ll be on your way to empowering yourself to reclaim your radiance!

How are you going to get there? Here’s the summary of the four pillars of the program:

Skincare For Radiance and Glow 
Makeup Bag Makeover to Enhance Your Natural Beauty
Nourishing Foods and Movement To Feel Vibrant Inside and Out
Mindset: A Journey Into Your Radiant Energy

Each module will start with the essentials, then move into the various ways to elevate your results, and finish with extra secrets and tips. A series of masterclass videos will kick off each module, and you will have access to supporting video demonstrations and tutorials on a variety of topics for each pillar. You will have additional downloadable digital products to guide you through this program.

Skincare For Radiance and Glow 

Makeup Bag Makeover to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Nourishing Foods and Movement To Feel Vibrant Inside and Out

Mindset: A Journey Into Your Radiant Energy

Module 4: 

Module 3: 

Module 2: 

Module 1: 

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In the Makeup to Mindset Makeover Digital Course, you’ll receive

4 Implementation Modules to guide you with a comprehensive approach to the practices that will help you thrive, inside and out

Hours of supporting Video presentations, demonstrations, and tutorials for detailed guidance and how-tos

Extra Digital Bonuses and Workbooks on Supplemental Topics

A private Facebook community with fellow students and alumni of this program for additional support, trouble-shooting, and idea sharing

An extensive 65+ page ebook with checklists, shopping lists, recipes, habit trackers and journals

Implementation challenges for extra accountability

access to monthly LIVE group virtual calls with me for Q&A

overall coaching, training, and digital documents value of over $3k, offered at a much more accessible investment

Imagine what it would feel like if you gave yourself the freedom to show up each day joyful about who you see in the mirror and how you feel inside? 
But that's not all.

Go from feeling stuck in a rut with your beauty routine

Confidently creating the desired results that you want to achieve

Go from feeling guilty about prioritizing yourself first

Knowing that putting your best self forward is for everyone you love

Go from wellness overwhelm from too many choices

Feeling empowered by making mindful lifestyle choices

Go from struggling with mindset practices

Feeling deeper gratitude for your journey

Go from feeling frustrated and confused by anti-aging noise

Feeling radiant, confident, and filled with Abundant Beauty!

My name is Kristin Svets, and if I'm not working with my clients, you might find me shopping the clean beauty counter or grabbing a smoothie at our local juice bar. Honestly, I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by the anti-aging noise. As a mother, wife, business woman, and coach, I also know how the demands of midlife can take over and it is easy to not prioritize yourself. However, as a professional makeup artist, skincare junkie, healthy lifestyle explorer, and certified yoga instructor, I’ve experienced first hand the difference that your choices and daily practices can make on how you look and feel each day. There is so much power in filling your own bucket. Don’t waste any more time feeling frustrated.
It’s time to change that pattern.

It is time for you to feel more beautiful, confident, radiant, and abundant.
It is time for you to feel empowered in your Abundant Beauty.

More than anything else, I want to share that with you. I invite you to join me on this journey.

I’m grateful you are here and I cannot wait to see you inside the Makeup to Mindset Makeover. 

I’d be honored to guide you through this program - 
but who am I?

The Makeup to Mindset Makeover

Digital Course (2 Options):
Full course, 4 modules: $397
Skincare + makeup only: $247

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This self-led virtual course and coaching program is designed to help you reset your beauty and lifestyle routines so that you can start living your most vibrant life, right now! 

Frequently asked questions


It’s a short-term commitment with a long-term impact! It will give you the tools to start making those beneficial choices to enhance your beauty, inside and out. It will help you reset and bring balance back into your life. It will guide you to become more present and mindful. And you will become part of and connect with a group of like-minded women. 


Absolutely! The program will have easily implementable recommendations that will start from day one! All of the ideas used in this group program are included with the intent to help guide you to embrace where you are right now, and start making those small changes that add up to a big impact, in a short timeframe!


All livestreams will be recorded, so you will have access to the playback for up to one year from the date of your enrollment. Additionally, you will have access to me through a Facebook group and I will happily help you stay on track!


This program will have a strong community aspect to it! There is so much power in connecting with like-minded women who are wanting to be on a similar path. The challenges will help you connect with the other women and create a fun environment around accountability.


Be sure to check out my 1:1 coaching program! I would love to work with you and create a customized plan for you to thrive in your Abundant Beauty!


Since the digital course is self-guided, you can complete the material at your own pace and come back to it at any time. The recommended starting pace is to set a goal for 4 to 6 weeks just to stay involved in the material and practices. 


The digital course will be housed on it’s own platform, and you will be given access with a login and password after enrollment and course launch. The video library will be available for you to view and work through at your own pace for one year from the date of enrollment. The digital products will be available for you to download and keep forever!