As a Life Purpose and Mindset Coach, my goal is to guide you to cut the overwhelm, reclaim your happiness, and live with ease, purpose, and joy.
It's time to rediscover you and shine your light!

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away." - Picasso

Hi! I'm Kristin

My mantra: It's never too late to start something new.

Take it from me, I've been in your shoes!
I know the struggle of feeling guilty for wanting more. I know the feeling of being stuck and lacking clarity on what direction to take next.
It is not too late. 
You are fully worthy. 
You can make the time.
You can still grow. You are meant to still be growing.
Growth is both a personal value of mine and an intention for my clients. 

my past and my certifications are important pillars of who I am and what I bring to my work

As a Life Design and Life Purpose Coach, it is my honor to guide clients to cultivate what's next in their life with purpose, ease, fulfillment, and joy.

Being a mom and being in alignment in the different areas
of my life, including mindfulness and spirituality, are significant influences of what I bring to my work.

Others things the world says you should know:
Certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Institute
Advanced Professional Life Coaching Student
Certified Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Guide
Certified Makeup Artist
MBA, Finance 

But this is the part about me that really matters...

I was happy. And yet...
Something was missing. I was seeking something more.

While I have been so grateful for my life, there was some level of personal fulfillment and growth that was pulling me. I knew I needed to rediscover what I wanted - for me. So I started on an amazing self-discovery and self-awareness process in my 40s. I explored, I learned, I earned certifications. And I discovered how to approach this stage with intention and alignment of your values and purpose.
And I landed here, knowing that my true purpose is to help other women rediscover their loves, explore their limitless possibilities, and find clarity on what their next stage can be.

A Four-Pillar Digital Course Program for Women Over 40 That Gives You The Tools You Need To Thrive in Your Natural Beauty and Renew Your Radiance, Inside and Out

makeup to Mindset Makeover

Claim Your Clarity:
A 3-month personalized journey for motivated women to move past feeling stuck and intentionally design a life of fulfillment, purpose, and joy.


Private makeup lessons, small group lessons and workshops to help you with the tools & confidence for makeup application

Makeup Artistry

Ways to work together
Life Design Coaching is my signature service

In Kristin’s coaching sessions, she listened to me share my life dreams and (guided me through) how I was going to achieve them. It was a valuable experience, fully worth the investment!

- amy k.

Through coaching, I learned the value of slowing down a little. I learned the importance of making time for myself and setting small goals. I think sometimes it’s important for our situation to be looked at with another set of eyes. I think talking through what was weighing my mind down and problem-solving really benefited me to be able to move forward. Kristin’s thoughtful and calm way of talking through a situation is very beneficial. 

- colleen

client love