Abundant Beauty Coaching

A 3 month personalized journey for inspired women to cut the anti-aging overwhelm and reclaim your joy by enhancing your natural beauty, thriving in your purpose, managing your mindset, and finding balance through wellness.

It’s time to shine your abundant light

Are you unsatisfied with your current feeling about life and wonder “what’s next” or “Is this all there is”?

Do you know you could be making better lifestyle choices but are overwhelmed by all of the options?

Do you want to take better care of your skin, but are unsure of how to use products and the right makup?

Do you feel like you missed your calling and it’s too late to change your path or feel stuck in a rut?

Are you longing for deeper connection with your purpose, yourself and your community?

Do you have a big life event coming up and want to show up as the most vibrant version of yourself?

Is this you?

This 1:1 personal coaching program is designed to empower you to thrive in your current stage in life combined with a joyful outlook for what’s next. This unique and comprehensive lifestyle program utilizes a balanced approach to beauty, mindfulness, and wellness. We will bring light to your strengths, use gratitude and positivity practices, discover clean skin care and makeup routines, and determine the best natural lifestyle choices that will enhance your well-being. This lifestyle approach to renewing your abundant beauty both inside and out will result in radiance and confidence so that you can shine your light with the world.

Get equipped with the tools to you need to live an abundant life

Like you haven’t prioritized yourself and are unhappy with how you feel, to feeling and looking inspired, radiant, and joyful  

Overwhelmed with all of the choices in wellness to feeling confident in a balanced approach to your best lifestyle

Disappointed in that state of your skin and how you feel about wearing makeup to being excited with the enhanced radiance and natural glow when you look in the mirror, feeling more confident and vibrant

Resigned to the routine and feeling stuck in a rut of your everyday life to being grateful for the day and feeling optimistic about what the future holds.

Playing small and playing it safe to feeling inspired and energetic about all you have to share with the world

Unsettled about your age and stage in life to feeling excited and hopeful about where you are and all that you can do with what’s next

Go from feeling...

Program Outline

weeks 10-12

Renewing your Joy

Seeking inward to renew the joy that is already inside you through mindfulness.

weeks 7-9

Renewing your Balance

The importance of the right nutrition and movement for your mind, body and soul.

weeks 4-6

Renewing your beauty

Why choosing clean beauty is an important part of your overall healthy lifestyle

Revealing the beautiful gifts and strengths that are already within you

Renewing your purpose

weeks 1-3

Revealing the beautiful gifts and strengths that are already within you

Renewing your purpose

weeks 1-3

Purpose introduction
Strengths finder
The “What’s Next” Discovery
Uncovering what is holding you back
Gratitude practice introduction

What we'll cover

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Helping you discover clean and luxury beauty routines to enhance your natural beauty and overall healthy lifestyle



Skincare 101; including getting regular facials or doing them for yourself
The power of skin tools
Aging positively must-do steps of skin care
Makeup for your age & lifestyle

What we'll cover

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Exploring the right nutrition and movement to elevate your mind, body, and soul



skin foods, supplements/teas, reducing inflammation, balancing the choices
The importance of movement

What we'll cover

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Strengthening your state of mindfulness to enrich your inner joy and peace for both the present and the future


WEEKS 10-12

Going deeper on paths for mindfulness
Optimism: The Journey is the Purpose

What we'll cover

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this program is for you if

You are ready to feel beautiful, inside and out!

You are feeling the pull that it is time to start prioritizing yourself 

You are excited to explore and determine what is next for you

You are willing to make positive changes and appreciate accountability in doing so 

embrace a lifestyle that enhances your radiance & confidence

You are ready to embrace your health and well-being to show up in life with all of your Abundant Beauty!

Get ready to thrive in your life

Be joyful about who you see in the mirror
Discover a deeper gratitude for your journey
Feel hopeful about the possibilities to live a vibrant life
Feel energetic and excited in your abilities and strengths
Be inspired to share your purpose with love
Be empowered by your well-balanced and mindful lifestyle choices
Shine Your Abundant Light!

This 1:1 lifestyle coaching is a program designed specifically for you to feel more abundant in all areas of your life. We will work together to help you,

Abundant beauty coaching

One Hour Initial Call - determine your goals for our time together and plan for the journey

Three 45 minutes calls per month, each with a specific focus on one of the pillars of the program

Daily support through email and text

Access to a Private Facebook group to connect further with me and other women who are ready to thrive in their abundant beauty and shine their light!

Investment: $1,595
3 month program

Start your journey

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Beauty & Lifestyle coach?

One of my favorite parts of being a makeup artist is helping women to feel empowered and confident. Expanding my services to Beauty & Lifestyle Coaching is a way for me to help my clients take that feeling of empowerment to the next level. As an avid healthy lifestyle explorer, and a passionate believer in following your calling, it was a natural addition to my services that I felt compelled to share. It is also another move in my own career that was my own important answer to “what’s next.” I want to help you find that right next step for you and guide you to shine!


Anyone feeling stuck in a rut and wondering “what’s next”.

 Women who have been taking care of others for so long that they haven’t had the time to prioritize themselves, and now they are ready.

 Women who are tired of thinking they are in a decline and are ready to take control of their routines so that their present and future is vibrant

 Women who are intrigued but overwhelmed by all of the healthy lifestyle choices, including clean beauty, and are wondering how to find what is right for them.


While the majority of my clients are over 40, I have worked with every age group. 

On the makeup artist side, my clients range from 8th grade graduation and celebrations, to prom, and of course brides. My makeup artistry services are available for every age, with my most special Timeless Beauty client to date being 93 years young! 

My coaching services are available for women of any age who really want to jumpstart and explore what’s next for them through purpose, healthy lifestyle choices, and mindset.


Finding the right balance for your individual needs will be the focus of every interaction, and is the greatest benefit of doing private coaching. Through getting to know your history, your present, and your goals, I will create guidelines for you to follow to help you thrive both inside and out.


While my first choice is usually clean beauty, there are occasions where traditional beauty products are a part of what I use, recommend, and enjoy. It’s really all about balance and making the mindful choice. My motto is progress, not perfection. Clean beauty, meaning that products are made with safer ingredient choices, is something I recommend for everyday use in as many ways that work for you. Special occasions allow for additional fun traditional options.


Absolutely! This can be customized to the group attending. Contact me directly to book.


This is one of my favorite things to do! Teens are so naturally beautiful that they do not need to wear much makeup. It is my joy to teach teens how to use makeup to their advantage to just highlight their beauty as they are. Contact me directly to book.


This is one of my favorite things to do! Teens are so naturally beautiful that they do not need to wear much makeup. It is my joy to teach teens how to use makeup to their advantage to just highlight their beauty as they are. Contact me directly to book.


Yes! I want my coaching services to be accessible to those that are ready to thrive! I understand that investing in yourself is sometimes difficult to prioritize and that a payment plan can make it more manageable. A monthly payment option is available for the duration of the program.


Another favorite thing to do! Whether you are turning 40, 50, or 60, a night of beauty and friendship is a great way to celebrate. I would be honored to be a part of the celebration. Contact me directly to book.

Are you ready to shine your abundant light?

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